CHILDREN's CLasses (5-8)

Our children’s classes are filled with  a high and dynamic energy. They include many different challenging and exciting lessons in Tae Kwon Do, teamwork, friendship and living healthy lifestyle.  As part of class we continually emphasizes the importance of respect, discipline, honesty, and perseverance. As the students develop their skills in Tae Kwon Do they will begin to gain more confidence in all areas of their lives so they can achieve any goals they set out for themselves.  There is also strong emphasis on how well students do at both school and home.  It is important that the students follow the Home rules for Children, such as respect for parents, teachers, friends & their surroundings. All of these things help play a role in the child’s development in the martial arts.

Benefits For Children

– Martial Arts skills & Self-Defense
– Self-Discipline & Self-Control
– Confidence & Respect
– Improved Concentration & Focus
– Kindness and Respect for others
– Balance & Coordination

Most importantly: Have Fun while they Learn and Earn their success in Kwan Tae Kwon Do.