Junior CLasses (9-14)

Our Junior Classes are filled with a dynamic and high energy. Tae Kwon Do training includes many different challenging and exciting lessons. Students will not only learn kicking, punching, and self-defense, they will also develop teamwork skills, friendships, and a healthy lifestyle. The Master Pearsall also continually emphasizes the importance of respect, discipline, honesty, and perseverance throughout their training and in personal life. As the students develop their skills in Tae Kwon Do they will begin to gain more confidence in all areas of their lives so they can achieve any goals they set out for themselves. Each Junior Class encompasses training that is exciting and fun as well as empowering and educational. Our school focuses on old school way of teaching that makes sure the students learn and earn their success at KWAN Tae Kwon Do.

Benefits For Juniors

– Martial Arts skills & Self-Defense
– Self-Discipline & Self-Control
– Confidence & Self-Respect
– Improved Concentration & Focus
– Kindness and Respect for others
– Balance & Coordination
– Students will learn individual skills as well as learning through teamwork all while have a fun and challenging class!