Hap Ki Do

Hap Ki Do or the “Way Harmonizing Energy”, is a traditional martial art that has its roots in both Korea and Japan. This gentle, yet powerful martial art is made up of movements that are circular and flowing in nature, making it aesthetically pleasing as well as very effective. Hap Ki Do techniques focus on using an opponent’s momentum and energy to dissipate an attack, making Hap Ki Do an ideal method of defending oneself, even against someone larger and stronger. Hap Ki Do also utilizes techniques to deal with close quarters self-defense situations, such as when someone grabs you from behind or you are pinned to the ground.

The main goal of the Hap Ki Do student is to harmonize their mind, body, & spirit. Through learning exciting martial arts techniques, traditional teachings, and various forms of meditation students will learn an effective form of self-defense while channeling their energy positively and peacefully.